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Performing better as a team

Train teams in how to deal with pressure, anxiety and stress

“Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century.”

Of course, not all stress is a negative but, how can you perform more effectively when under stress? And even more importantly, how can you reduce your stress?

“We’re constantly looking to improve our wellbeing in the workplace offer to the team here. We worked with Pain Point Coach, did exactly what John advised us to do and this has impacted in creating a more relaxed workplace and we’ve just exceeded our targets for the last quarter too.” Ubiquity PR

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Change Direction

Like most of us, you probably have an image of yourself you carry with you, of the person you truly want to be. If so, then ask yourself this question: Is it perhaps time to pivot? Making a sudden shift in direction to effect a positive change can be an exciting experience. Want some help? […]


A Picture portrays a 1000 words – In the HEAT of battle.

The 3 April 1983 is a memorable date for me. At the age of 19 winning the British Lightweight Kickboxing title in London. Does it mean I was the BEST probably not; but it definitely means I was prepared to put my name on the line and walk the walk and accept the challenge. That’s […]


Learn to switch off meditation.

Switching off our minds and doing nothing but reflect and recuperate is good for your mental health. In our 21st Century living doing nothing is very difficult and busy for busy sake is not productive.  You may find yourself with very little to do at the moment. You may find yourself with more time searching […]

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