Tai Chi & Mobility.

As we get older must causes of hospitalisation are due to falls. Anything we can do to reduce falling and increasing bodily strength maintains our mobility and it’s mobility that keeps you active; so explains newly qualified Tai Chi instructor and retired Nurse John Fillis based in Ormskirk. Readers of my blog will know I’m […]


Forgiveness is an Enabler.

My blogs are an attempt to celebrate the success in humanity the ability of the indomitable human spirit to overcome personal tragedy and turn defeat or loss in to victory and then to share its story. It is my attempt, however poor or good for that matter, by sharing individuals stories to lift Peoples spirits […]


PainPoint helps Teams maximise their potential.

You’ve probably sat and listened to many business and wellness coaches either via a podcast or on You Tube, maybe at home or as part of a work exercise. I’ve done the same and learnt loads but I found I advanced my learning even more when I was a participant. I’ve quoted various commentators who […]



I have a very unique program that helps executives optimally perform even when under stress with great impact that improves your life.


Stress produces physical and limiting effects. My unique programs teachers you how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s essential as it’s the only time we truly learn.

Increasingly we find ourselves working ourselves to the bone trapped in a rat race of 24hr communications, traffic jams, deadlines, schedules, crazy targets & endless meetings. My mission is to reduce workplace stress.

Pain Point Coaching uses sports programs to train YOU how to deal with pressure, anxiety and stress leading you to optimally perform, create a new mindset and most importantly set you on the path to fulfilment.

  • Deal better with stress, pressure and crisis situations
  • Increase energy level and optimal performance level
  • Improve goal setting, focus, assertiveness and priority setting skills
  • Improve creative, strategic and analytical thinking under (time) pressure
  • Perform better as a team
  • Provide insight into behavioural patterns and improve self-awareness and personal leadership skills
  • Provide insight into behavioural patterns within team structures
  • Improve leadership skills
Pain Point Coach Background
Pain Point Coach Background
Pain Point Coach Background
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