9 Great Tips for Christmas Stress.

Looking out for the festive stress and overwhelm and how to steer clear of it

Pain Point Coach’s 9 seasonal steps to keep you in the flow

If you’re going to get overwhelmed, all the statistics point to it being at this time of year.

Work, family and shopping commitments combined…chances are your head will proverbially fall off if you’re not anticipating overdoing it.

And that’s the key, anticipating and being mindful of that overwhelm.

So it’s thanks to Wellness experts Pain Point Coach who have shared 9 great ideas to manage your stress during the festive period enabling you to enjoy it that little bit more:

Plan a NOT TO DO LIST. Why? You need time to recover from that frantic shopping!

Breathe. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Breathing through your nose and from your abdomen will slow your mind.

Rise early. Set yourself up for the day. Why? To give yourself time.

Me time. Go for a walk. Why? It will invigorate you and you will be ready for the next challenge.

Sleep well. How? Read or meditate. Why? It will relax and ready you for sleep.

Eat well. Why? Enjoy your food but recognise when you’re full – indulge in mindful eating – and eat food that gives you energy not saps it.

Socialise with people that give you energy. Why? You need to move on invigorated and eager for the next challenge.

Acceptance. Why? Don’t waste your energy on negative people. Accept what happened and move on.

Be positive. Why? Be the reason why people want to flock to you.


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