My name is John Bullock and I have a successful sporting background in Kick Boxing in the 1980s winning the senior British lightweight title in 1983. I have a successful business background in property and taxation for 25 years.

I know the ups and downs of business and sport and how the right mindset is the sustenance to our mental strength but equally the wrong mindset can lead to doubt and undermines your confidence.

How many of us have experienced SUCCESS? How many of us are fulfilled with our life journey to the extent we overflow in its joy. How many MORE of us know the tiredness of worry and grind. The tiredness of the deadly routine and the daily task leading nowhere. The emptiness of the soul and the four walls closing in as you grapple with your own mortality.

Now it is the time to let go of what is holding you back and embrace change. Come and discover your purpose, unleash your potential and live the life you want to lead on the terms you want to live it.

Is your SUNSET? You know the ANSWER! Are you still hungry for the HUNT? You know it in your gut! What can’t talk can’t lie!

Pain Point coaching uses sports programs to train you how to deal with pressure, anxiety and stress leading YOU to optimally perform. Using our mindfulness techniques and affirmations we show YOU how to overcome your doubts and win your greatest fight, FREEDOM, freedom in your personal success & peace.

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Pain Point Coach Background
Pain Point Coach Background
Pain Point Coach Background
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