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Active at 50+


Mobility is a big issue for us all as we get older.

Mobility is my biggest Motivator when it comes to keeping active!

I can no longer jump as high as I did in the top picture but I’m proud I can still spin and kick.

The truth is for too long I gave myself a hard time for not training the way I use too when preparing for a fight. There was a time I considered another sport more fitting for my age because I was giving myself a hard time for lack of performance. 

Then it dawned on me I still had a lot to give sharing my knowledge and enjoying the experience. Encouraging young people to go beyond their own mental limitations. It was then it was revealed to me I can still do a lot and the reality probably much more than a man of my age can normally muster. 

No, I’m no longer what I was, but it’s the realisation I still have a lot to give and the enjoyment in doing remains. Above all it’s the mobility that is my motivation.

So I am still doing cardio, stretching and technique. I make sure my activity is enjoyable and get satisfaction from doing something well or to the best of my ability.

What are you prepared to do to keep your mobility.


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