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3 Great – Tips for Getting a Grip on Self-Doubt

Did you know that a whopping 85 percent of people have low-esteem? This issue affects their personal and professional lives, including their careers, their mental health, and their salaries. In other words, self-doubt and low self-esteem can keep you from reaching your peak potential. These personality traits appear to be more common among women. They […]


How to Keep a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journaling is a popular tool used by coaches and consultants helping people to improve their health and lives. Studies have shown the benefits for mental and physical health. If you are considering whether this could be something that could help you then you probably have questions about what you need and how to do […]


Expressing Yourself Through Creativity

Learning to express yourself through creativity is a great way to learn to live more in the moment than in the past or future. It’s difficult to focus on anything but the present when your brain is actively involved in creating, and this is one of the ways you can live a healthier, more balanced, more […]


7 Ways to Turn Worry into Excitement about Getting Things Done

Everybody worries sometimes. Right now, you’ve probably even got a few worries on your mind. You might be thinking about a relationship or a situation at work, causing you trouble. Maybe you’re worried about your health or whether or not you’re going to have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the […]


It’s all in a day’s work!

How what I do works & the BENEFITS the clients receive. I meet HR or the individual responsible for team performance and discuss what they are looking for from their teams and the objectives they want to achieve. I will then discuss with them the program more suitable to fulfill their objectives and explain why. […]


5 More habits.

Intermittent Fasting There’s a whole lot of studies that have explored the benefits of intermittent fasting. People do it for 3 reasons: ·        It burns more fat and catalyses weight loss. ·        It improves my mental clarity and concentration. ·        It helps people practice willpower. Habit tracking “Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining momentum.” — Darren […]


We are what we do!

Your habits very often are what determines your journey to success, along with of course, your mindset, your actions, and your attitude. Someone famously once said: “We are what we repeatedly do”. I also like “Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” […]


How to get out of a “RUT” and start afresh?

5 Tips for Getting Out of a Rut and Starting Fresh If you feel like life has become predictable, unfulfilling, and boring, maybe it’s time for a fresh start. Deciding to make a change doesn’t mean you have to turn your life upside down, but it is an opportunity to stand back and revise your current way of life.  Whether […]


De-Clutter your MIND and make a friend.

Got a mind full of clutter?Now’s a good time to start the declutter says John Bullock. Mental clutter? There’s nothing worse in my opinion.It can include all of the following: worrying about the future; ruminating about the past; keeping a mental to-do list; complaints; etc.Want some ways to declutter your mind so you can stop […]



Has your muse been absent lately? Do you feel unmotivated about your job or your business? Use the following tips to help bring your muse back to inspiring you. Read Profiles of Successful People Don’t try to do everything on your own. Get inspiration from people who have gone through the pain and effort of […]


How Action Inspires Motivation.

1. Start by doing something. Anything. Any action itself inspires motion. How do you do that? By using the momentum of a project that you’re already engaged in, you’re able to use your current forward motion to encourage you to keep going. It’s the difference between the ‘carrot’ and the ‘stick.’  In the old classic analogy, to move a […]


Lie still, lie still, my breaking heart; My silent heart, lie still and break: Life, and the world, and mine own self, are changed.

The words by Christina Rossetti’s seem so poignant presently as we embrace this whole new world of change. The words suggest suffering and I guess in the end that’s a decision we elect to make. We have the ability to chose to suffer or to chose to embrace change. We create our reality from the […]

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