Boom it’s only Phil Gee!

Last summer, do you recall that yellow circular disk in the sky, Phil Gee of the now famous Boom Agency interviewed me on my personal journey from Kick Boxer to property agent and accountant to working in the Corporate Wellness Sector helping teams become more cohesive and by doing so more profitable. 

But first indulge me my mentor, Joel Jelen of Ubiquity PR, insisted I improve my social media skills. Now anyone that knows me will tell you the tale of when my PC failed I had to call out the Tech Guys only to discover I had failed to plug the bloody thing in! Don’t say it! I know!

The point being my IT could never be described as adequate let alone good and Joel Jelen in his wisdom called up, you guessed it, Phil Gee of Boom Agency to do the impossible and make me a social media whiz. 

So here I am blogging, podcasting and scheduling with a stratagem I believe works and I have faith in. All thanks to Phil Gee of Boom Agency.

Anyway don’t forget to watch the video of Phil showcasing my new venture of Wellness at work helping people and teams become more cohesive through sports and experiential learning and bringing projects faster and improving the bottom line.

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