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Is education built for 19th Century relevant in the 21st Century?

In England education was mainly the preserve of religious institutions with the odd elite school that is until the nineteenth century. By the 1880s education was compulsory for children aged 5 to 10. Methods mainly used were rote delivered in classrooms divided into rows. These rows were often classified into streams from A-D. I’ve heard […]


February 22nd, 2020 is Single Task Day!

As a Qualified Optimal Performance Leader, I am tasked to ensure you perform at your peak for a longer duration. I understand many of you in today’s society will feel the need to respond faster on multiple tasks to maintain output levels. Sometimes we ignore the important task giving priority to urgent tasks only for […]


Forgiveness is an Enabler.

My blogs are an attempt to celebrate the success in humanity the ability of the indomitable human spirit to overcome personal tragedy and turn defeat or loss in to victory and then to share its story. It is my attempt, however poor or good for that matter, by sharing individuals stories to lift Peoples spirits […]


First Responder saves Solicitors life.

In conversation with Lancashire’s County Councillor John Fillis that bridged the political divide to save a mans life. Interestingly he noted how all his friends and colleagues felt obsolete being ill equipped to respond to this life threatening event. County Councillor Fillis a retired professional nurse with in excess of thirty five years experience explains […]


The Master for The Grand Masters – Ka-Num-Tum!

“They made steel float in water, they made steel fly in the sky so everything is possible! Positive is the word of the winner.”  Grand Master Toddy November 2019. Lend me your ear says Grand Master Toddy as he delivers his unique teaching style “Ka-Num-Tum” Muay Thai Grand Grand Master is the person everyone in […]


Crazy targets & traffic jams stressing your time plan!

How relevant is your time plan? When does work start and when does it stop? Not such an easy answer in our 24hr society. Constant emails, social media, phone calls and targets are all playing havoc with our sleep patterns and our time management. How many of us plan our diary with less stressful things […]


PainPoint – What we do?

This is what we do what do you do? So you have a great idea, well at least you think it’s great, what do you do? I listen to comments and feedback from people whose opinion I value. It doesn’t mean I’ll drop an idea but I may adapt it. The most important thing is […]


Mind5 Method.

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Destination Burnout!

Sleeping disturbed, emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. Burnout is a gradual process it creeps up on you slowly diluting you’re capacity to care, rationalise and a general feeling of hopelessness as if drowning in an unrelenting sea. The signs and symptoms are subtle at first, but gradually worsen as time goes by. You feel incapable and […]

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