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Get Out of Your Lazy Bed!

A-Get upA-Get upGet outta your lazy bedBefore I count to three – step to it baby – sang Matt Bianco – do you remember him? There I go showing my age again. Anyhow, I digress and for all the exercising and early morning jaunts no one seems to extol the virtues of doing nothing, reflecting […]


Every breath you take.

…was a lyric taken from The Police, a 1980’s rock band and it’s become a bit of an anthem tragically associated with The Black Lives Matter movement and separately, within the general population with reference to COVID 19 and the pandemic this year Speaking of breathing, I spoke recently with Buteyko (n. boo-tayko) breathing method […]


The Purpose Pusher reaches out.

Claire has well and truly discovered her purpose and life’s journey by helping men over come their difficulty whether in work, relationships or general well-being. Let’s not pretend it came easy Claire has had her challenges but following her own advice and learning from experience she realized her greatest successes came from talking over problems […]


BINGE EATING – Mental health comes in all shapes & sizes.

You have done it! I know I have! Who hasn’t stuffed themselves full of junk and then totally regretted it. It’s a mood thing when you are feeling gloomy or when things have not gone your way you concede just the one biscuit but before you know the whole packet has disappeared and what happens […]


Its just a load of diarrhea is Mental Health.

When we speak about Mental Health we very rarely talk about the physical impact of those suffering with anxiety. Holistic practitioner I am not. You know the type telling you to take one day at a time and everything will be alright. No I am more of a solutions type of guy teaching you to […]


Huw Edwards lead BBC News Anchor is fit for the square ring are you?

For me and thousands and thousands of like minded people that having experienced the benefits of sport not just from a physical health perspective but from a mental health perspective really get what Huw explains in this article. But this is exactly what I do! I unlock your mental health challenges through the physical. It’s […]


Sure-Fire Tips for Sleeping Well Even When You Have a lot on Your Mind

It’s normal to have trouble falling asleep when you have major life changes to deal with. You may find that you lie down exhausted by it all, but then your mind won’t shut down so that you can rest. Here are some things that you can do to invite sleep to come more easily. Take […]


3 Great – Tips for Getting a Grip on Self-Doubt

Did you know that a whopping 85 percent of people have low-esteem? This issue affects their personal and professional lives, including their careers, their mental health, and their salaries. In other words, self-doubt and low self-esteem can keep you from reaching your peak potential. These personality traits appear to be more common among women. They […]


How to Keep a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journaling is a popular tool used by coaches and consultants helping people to improve their health and lives. Studies have shown the benefits for mental and physical health. If you are considering whether this could be something that could help you then you probably have questions about what you need and how to do […]

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