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Make a ‘Life Plan’

Do you want to rediscover your life, plan your next venture or decide a change in career? So, what is the solution? Well, one can start taking up variety of activities that will temporarily help, take up sessions with coach, go to gym and so on. There is a better solution though, but first you […]


Invoke Change Retreat May 2020 – Poland.

Health and well being is the one thing that money can`t buy. If you strive to be successful and lead a healthy lifestyle, you must take care of your body and mind. PainPointCoach & Dolphin Coaching have teamed up with a Family Run resort in Poland to provide you with the right environment in which […]


Master Guy, Grand Master Toddy’s brother.

As with every successful person such as Grand Master Toddy there is a wealth of experience in the team that helps supports the success at the Bangkok Muay Thai gym & Toddy’s Health & Well-being, Phetchaburi, by the Sea. Someone has to be responsible for safety of the guests, their general well fare, program delivery […]


Amaravati = Immortality

Much of my trip to Thailand in 2019 has echos of the past when the Beatles that famous Liverpool band of the 1960’s went on a voyage of personal discovery to India and some say produced one of their best albums and The White Album was the result. Now let’s get this straight I’m very […]

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