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Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’.

It got me thinking how would I describe the UK – how would YOU describe the UK? The UK is the land of WHAT? Ask a Thai north or South and you will receive the same answer! When I think of Thailand I think of food, culture, religion, temples, Buddhism, heat, beaches, warmth, Muay Thai, […]


Enzo, Italian economist from Milan finds life purpose at 40.

My good friends from Bangkok Keng and his lovely wife, Chutimon took me on a voyage of discovery in Pattaya Thailand whereupon I met Enzo and how I enjoyed listening to his life’s journey and his values, far from over I may add recently becoming married. Enzo seemingly had it all in Milan a great […]


Sanctuary in Pattaya, Thailand.

Finding purpose is all about being truthful to your own values right? It’s about lifting yourself out of the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. Being prepared to increase the stress levels enough to remind you you’re still alive right? If so, and you agree then there can be no better place to commence such a […]


Finding Purpose in Life!

To expect a different result from doing the same thing is madness! To reset and refocus which often means changing what we do and how do It is the only way to move forward with purpose to bring about the desired results.

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