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Elvis Presley’s minder Super foot – Bill Wallace.

* Throw back Thursday * Bill with his foot 🦶 in my face. Bill Super foot Wallace so called due to his propensity to kick with his left leg with incredible accuracy and speed.  I recall whilst at seminar in London with Bill Wallace he stood me in the ring whilst he stood outside raised […]


Throw back Thursday.

Multiple repeated kicks at 56 – age is just a number – keep on moving.


👊 Setting standards Kev Ward 👊

How do high achievers start their journey? What is it that makes them who they are and what they become; nature or nurture? In other words is it what God gave you or is the training you receive or perhaps both? Its been a long worn treaded path by many sociologists and sports coaches who have […]


1970’s TV Kung Fu with David Carradine.

Saturday night TV in the 70’s included a must see in Kung Fu. It was powerful stuff to witness the meek and mild conquer and defeat the seemingly tough. I hung on to words of wisdom and attempted to find the hidden meaning in them. That’s the thing about words their true power is revealed […]


World Champ wants to help the bullied!

Russ Williams former British, European and World Kick Boxing Champion is on a mission to help young people whom have been victims of bullying in school or the work place. Russ like many successful people in sport did not start his martial arts career with the view to becoming a champion but to be able to […]


Active at 50+

SPINNING KICK  Mobility is a big issue for us all as we get older. Mobility is my biggest Motivator when it comes to keeping active! I can no longer jump as high as I did in the top picture but I’m proud I can still spin and kick. The truth is for too long I […]


Pam leaves her Comfort Zone.

I always respond to people with positive energy and they don’t come more positive or dynamic than our very own Pam Case networking extraordinaire from Liverpool LinkedIn Online. Pam was up for a challenge immediately and didn’t hesitate which is very indicative of person willing to accept new challenges and thrive in the environment.  Never […]


Teaching Certificate in Muay Thai 2015.

I hold many professional qualifications such as Qualified Teacher Status which I never used, accountancy qualifications with the ACCA and FFA which I did use for twenty five years before selling my business in 2018. I have BSc, HND and DMS all in business academia. I hold a third Dan For both Ju-Jitsu and Kick […]


Training for the over 50’s

Golf just didn’t do it! Below is a my video about training in the martial arts for the over 50’s which explain why you should do it. Let me know what you think? “Failure cannot live with persistence” Napoleon Hill

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