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1970’s TV Kung Fu with David Carradine.

Saturday night TV in the 70’s included a must see in Kung Fu. It was powerful stuff to witness the meek and mild conquer and defeat the seemingly tough. I hung on to words of wisdom and attempted to find the hidden meaning in them. That’s the thing about words their true power is revealed […]


Tai Chi & Mobility.

As we get older must causes of hospitalisation are due to falls. Anything we can do to reduce falling and increasing bodily strength maintains our mobility and it’s mobility that keeps you active; so explains newly qualified Tai Chi instructor and retired Nurse John Fillis based in Ormskirk. Readers of my blog will know I’m […]


9 Great Tips for Christmas Stress.

Looking out for the festive stress and overwhelm and how to steer clear of it Pain Point Coach’s 9 seasonal steps to keep you in the flow If you’re going to get overwhelmed, all the statistics point to it being at this time of year. Work, family and shopping commitments combined…chances are your head will […]

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