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Old Swan Sea Cadets and Optimal Performance in Knife Awareness.

The program continues to be well received by participants by generating confidence in dealing with and controlling a weaponised limb. The program objectives is good communication using observation, body language and verbal skills. The program Co-ordinator, John Bullock explains our objectives are not to create a Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee and we make that […]


Enjoy your learning – Focus Training.

It was Confucius who said, “I hear things, and I forget them, I see things, and I remember them. I do things, and I understand them”. This was understood some 551 years BC and yet we still teach our young people by having them hear things and not by doing. When we create emotionally charged […]


Optimal Performance – Knife Awareness

John Bullock, program leader said “We established very early on that our objectives are not to turn young people you into Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. It’s a safety-first program and if possible, young people should contact the police or responsible adult, or simply run away maybe the best solution.”

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