As the song says’ “If you still haven’t found what you are looking for”, chances are you won’t find it where you have been looking!

I understand how the pressure triggers of today such as the 24hr communications, deadlines, schedules, traffic jams, endless meetings and drudgery of every day begins to grind, wears you down and suddenly the pressure too much and we break down, drink too much and finally, collapse.

It’s overwhelming. Sometimes you can’t see beyond the thick fog of stress.

No this does not have to be your existence you can begin to live the life you want; the present moment is the only place we can learn. We use sport to zone you out of stress and into the present moment. We do this as the present moment is the only true time, we experience life-changing moments which become experiences we place into our long term memory due to the emotions we attach to the experience.

I help you to understand your responses under pressure. You don’t have to be super fit we are not training athletes for a competition I am training you for small changes in the ways you manage your stress levels leading to massive increases in:

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