Grand Master Toddy shares his secrets of success!

Your vision is hunger for the future.  If you don’t have a dream or something to aim for; you die.  Many people make a decision at retirement that their life is over; they think it’s the end of their life! When it could be the start of an exciting new journey.

As a leader you have a duty to motivate yourself and to share your vision, as not to do so, is letting yourself down, your team down and the certain death of your vision.

Grand Master Toddy daily motivates himself as the leader he believes it’s his responsibility to his team. It’s Important as the leader to have energy, to be happy and to share the happiness.

So I asked, “How do we learn to enjoy our life?” And Grand Master Toddy replied, “Ask yourself do I want to to be happy; you don’t want sickness so stay away from the message of sickness, don’t listen to it, as it will make you ill or believe yourself to be ill”.

Grand Master Toddy doesn’t allow people to bring negativity in his life; he stops them straight away so the negativity has not time to fester. He takes his time to explain the importance of exploring a positive message so his team can visualise it. “The more you feel better, in you, the more you will perform better in life”.

So I asked, “Is Phetchaburi Health & Well – Being a key to help you unlock your joy?”.  Grand Master Toddy explained, “Good food and change of environment is part of the process to change in your thinking. Health comes first; physical and mental health comes before money and wealth and that means adopting a positive mindset. There is a change of attitude in the individual that comes with the change in environment and that’s what Phetchaburi is really all about”.

And the future for Grand Master Toddy is about helping more people learn how to have a great life and enjoy all the important things in life by achieving more with less energy. Live longer, get more in life, get closer to nature and a change of environment is the answer here with GMT, in Phetchaburi Thailand.

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