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How to Manage your STRESS & Anxiety.


Understanding the way you respond to FEAR or anxiety in terms of fight, flight or freeze actually makes you MORE productive in life. How you may ask; imagine for one moment you were brokering a deal that had the potential to significantly impact your life for the positive. Consequently, you’re stressed and your showing all the signs, loss of appetite, clammy, adrenaline in the body causing you to shake ever so slightly and you’re heart pumping so hard you feel like it’s going to rupture your chest.

We all pick up on body language instinctively and when you are showing the signs of stress people around you intuitively feel the intensity and become uncomfortable with the environment.

Here is how I control my mind when I’m feeling stressed using this anagram.









I mindfully go for a walk before my important meeting and I focus purposely on my pain point asking myself what is  it causing my pain right now! Placing myself firmly in the present moment. I then go mentally into the part of my body where my pain resides.

I embrace my fear and acknowledge it is only my ego from stopping me acknowledging it exists; so I let go of the ego and I am now accepting my fear as part of me and by accepting I offer no resistance and I can physically feel the PainPoint or stress/anxiety leave my body. At this point I’m in a meditative state and should I feel the PainPoint take root or not be fully dislodged I repeat the process.

By adopting this approach in my important meeting to broker my life changing deal my nerves are exchanged for vitality, engagement, enthusiasm, passion and confidence. People tell me I am a confident and happy person and I am because of adopting the above practice.

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