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I consider myself spiritual, not religious!

Much has been said about the treatment of World War 2 (WW2), prisoners building of the railway that linked Bangkok with Burma or Myanmar as it’s now known. In fact it formed an Oscar winning film starring Sir Alec Guinness In 1957.

What many us may not understand is that there were over 600 bridges built covering a staggering distance over dense tropical Forrest. The truth is there was no where to run because without a compass you would be walking in circles through jungle. Follow the stars I’m unsure you could see beyond the foliage.

The subject area I have focused upon in my blogs is determining success and the attributes required to achieve success. I would struggle to consider anything that manifestly could rise beyond such perseverance of human endeavour to exceed what was achieved here under such intolerable  circumstances and living conditions. 

What follows is two videos. Video 1 is my walk in silence over the River Kwai. I was horrified to see Japanese flags flying over the bridge and there was a side to my character that wanted to tear them down as I saw the injustice to the lost souls whom built the bridges and rail road.

Video2 is a small boat trip down the River that took in reality near one hour and, I for the life of me, realised there is only one way in and only one way out of the jungle. 

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