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I have a confession to make!

I’ve been reading about people’s ambitions for 2020.

But you know what really impresses me when I meet someone networking online and offline?

Not so much their goals but the things they’ve achieved in their life to date.

It’s all too easy to focus on goal-getting. We’re surrounded by positive affirmations about striving to better ourselves but how about a step back and reviewing what you’ve already achieved?

I just did this:

Completing the Mind5 Changemaker Programme for Optimal Performers (in the Netherlands) in 2019.

Seeing my son compete as a Thai Boxer and train with my Master in Bangkok in 2018.

Taking my family on a trip of a lifetime across Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, Australia and HK in 2018.

Selling my property business, City Let’s for a life changing sum in 2018.

Seeing my daughter play her saxophone and read music in 2019.

Awesome business trips through China in 2016.

Travelling to Bangkok to renew my Kru (Teacher) Muay Thai Certification with Grand Master Toddy in 2015.

Passing my Master Coaching Certificate with with John Haynes in 2014.

Being made a Fellow by the Institute of Accountants in 2012.

Building an investment portfolio throughout 2010-2019.

Tell us about some of your favourite achievements throughout the last decade?

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