Is your sunset or are you seeking the real life you want to live? Are you still hungry for the hunt? Do you know its never too late to want to change, to grow and make the difference in your life?

Using sport as a metaphor its easy to discuss stress, anxiety, focus and targets. In fact, the sport itself will show you any limiting beliefs you have developed over the years and I will help you move through one stage to the next tearing down those walls restricting you personally from achieving your targets.

My program is not therapy and I am not a therapist it is torch lighting the way showing how to get to your destination in a way we may use a sat nav. So allow me to help you to navigate your goals and journey exceeding boundaries that hitherto you had experienced limiting beliefs.

It’s scary to leave your comfort zone I get that I have been there….

No one steps into a ring and says I can go three, four even five rounds in the ring. The reality is we take small tentative steps in the right direction. We learn technique, we learn how to focus and all these small steps deliver the confidence to go the distance….

Come and know your destination with me, John Bullock.


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Pain Point Coach Background
Pain Point Coach Background
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