Master Guy, Grand Master Toddy’s brother.

As with every successful person such as Grand Master Toddy there is a wealth of experience in the team that helps supports the success at the Bangkok Muay Thai gym & Toddy’s Health & Well-being, Phetchaburi, by the Sea.

Someone has to be responsible for safety of the guests, their general well fare, program delivery and outcomes to ensure that the needs of every individual are being met.

Allow me to introduce Master Guy, Grand Master Toddy’s blood line brother whom in 1974 just as the Americans were packing up in Vietnam became Thailand’s Takweando champion. At that time competition was open to all weights and experience which included several battled toughened US marines with Master Guy successfully taking the day.

Master Guy possesses an inner strength likely imbued haven spent 12 months as a practising Monk with a well known international Thailand Temple. As part of the program at Toddy’s Health and Well-being, Phetchaburi, by the Sea he takes a daily meditation class imparting his knowledge on how to focus with clarity and achieve more in less time.

Well-being is all about achieving more in a stress free way and knowing how to switch off before overload. After all, a diary schedule with things that give us energy are equally important as the to do list, and just perhaps, listening to Master Guy will help you on your journey.

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