Mind5 – A new start for me!

Haven sold my property business in 2018 and my accountancy business in 2019 I was mindful that I still had plenty of energy and I wanted to focus my energy into something I felt passionate about but more importantly I could help people discover potential in their lives.

I suffer from serendipity and the older I have become the more I realise I have not had a bad experience but a learning experience. I may have felt the experience to have been harsh at the time but the universe has sought to guide me in wonderful ways should I care enough to listen. In each instance I have wonderful doors and opportunities opened to me.

One such moment occurred in April 2019 when I received a scheduled call from Roelien Luijt based in the Netherlands. Roelien explained I would be an ideal change maker and that her program was purposely built for people such as me with a sports background and particularly Muay Thai Kick Boxing.

You see I knew I wanted to use my professional background and sporting back ground to help executives make better decisions. I had my Why, my What, my Who but not the How?

Mind5 Was the How? Roelien explained like the book, The Alchemist we are not gurus instilling you with how to live your life but more like a torch lighting the way in the dark. We are the key that enables you to unlock your potential so things are revealed to you over time. And our enabler is simply sports and experiential learning. Learning by doing.

I understood this instantly as I knew for personal experience that I learnt more form doing an activity than someone explaining or simply showing me. It’s a simple truth we learn more by doing.

I was won over immediately and that is why I have adopted Mind5 approach to create more time for executives with less stress and I shall be grateful to Roelien for providing the How. Thank you. 

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