My Journey – keep on punching!

Life is what happens to you on the IN BETWEEN . Do you know what I mean?

Yes it’s a series of ups and downs but we as humans have tendency to recall all the highs and lows. The bits that fall In between such as cutting the grass, cleaning the toilet and looking after a loved one are the in between bit.

The secret to a fulfilling life is to make your highs much longer, your lows in frequent and by doing so making the in between bits just a small part of your life.

Memories are such because they consist of an emotional attachment. That’s why learning should consists of highs so we create ever lasting memories. 

Talking memories my good friend Stuart Capstick of Jackson Lee’s Solicitors produced this video of some great emotional moments for me consisting of highs and lows But hey it’s my life 👊.

Never give up keep punching 👊

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