PainPoint helps Teams maximise their potential.

You’ve probably sat and listened to many business and wellness coaches either via a podcast or on You Tube, maybe at home or as part of a work exercise.

I’ve done the same and learnt loads but I found I advanced my learning even more when I was a participant.

I’ve quoted various commentators who down the years have talked about the importance of interaction and i’m a huge fan of this especially when looking to impart knowledge about strategies for managing and enhancing workplace performance. 

This week, Pain Point Coach is distributing brief video excerpts to help translate the benefits of using sport and exercise as a metaphor for helping teams maximise their potential in the workplace. There is a strong and underlying wellbeing theme in each video. 

We’ve chosen physical movement to illustrate some of the key strategies and all physical activity involved is merely fun and a pre-cursor to a more expansive and detailed rationale.

For example, in the following video, I highlight how ‘shadow tagging’ is used as a metaphor to e.g. overcome the competition from rival companies bidding for the same client. In addition, sometimes we have competition within a team, for example, where a particular individual wants to dominate a draft proposal with only their ideas. Every business needs of course, a cohesive team, a strategy to generate that and, the ability to win at least the majority of its pitches. I discuss how to achieve this at Paint Point Coach workshops following the initial physical exercise.

Further exercises in this video such as ‘shadow sparring’ demonstrate how e.g. sport and exercise help people focus and I translate this to the working environment by discussing the concept of coherence. For example, whenever you participate in a sporting endeavour, it demands 100% of your concentration. Of course, you need this at work but think about all the distractions. Pain Point Coach helps teams overcome them, gaining complete focus on the task in hand.

In addition, we employ ‘pad work’ in the video footage to remind us of that feeling of overwhelm we all suffer from time to time at work. “10% is what happens to you, 90% is how you respond” and we explore the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ concepts that many people adopt in a working environment to overcome stress. There are specific Pain Point Coach wellbeing techniques to help individuals and whole teams deal with this and act differently with healthier outcomes…the central narrative in all the work i do.


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