Pam leaves her Comfort Zone.

I always respond to people with positive energy and they don’t come more positive or dynamic than our very own Pam Case networking extraordinaire from Liverpool LinkedIn Online.

Pam was up for a challenge immediately and didn’t hesitate which is very indicative of person willing to accept new challenges and thrive in the environment. 

Never undervalue this gift as many of us stay in the two well worn gears never finding a third gear to accelerate our own personal development because we don’t leave our comfort zone.

Gear1 is auto pilot. We all know this one when we can’t recall getting showered, dressed, breakfast and travelling to work. We are simply stuck in a rut.

Gear2 is dead stop. You know this one too when your favourite record plays at a family social and you go to rise and stop yourself. Your are more concerned with what people think than your own happiness and you continue to hold yourself back.

My program is about you finding a third gear. Make no bones about it; Pam Case in this video has a fourth gear. Well done Pam!

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