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Performance in the work place is an important factor for all stakeholders in the workplace. Improved performance is normally associated with more pay, greater job security, enhanced company benefits and greater job satisfaction.

Whereas poor performance is associated with job losses, little or no job security, absenteeism and stress related illness.

As the latter is to be avoided it pays and strengthens the bottom line to have a Health and WellBeing strategy at the heart of your company Policies and objectives. It makes sense in our modern 24hour 21st Century lifestyles of work sat in front of a PC to make sure your workforce are fit for work. Fit from stress and so an outlet is required. Otherwise prepare to pay the price as your team becomes overwhelmed and agitated and begins to crumble under the weight of expectation and finally the cohesion of the team is lost in accusation, blame and disunity.

In this video I explain how sports, using the right exercises, applied in a business context can improve your team cohesiveness and consequently your bottom line.

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Pain Point Coach Background
Pain Point Coach Background
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