Teaching Certificate in Muay Thai 2015.

I hold many professional qualifications such as Qualified Teacher Status which I never used, accountancy qualifications with the ACCA and FFA which I did use for twenty five years before selling my business in 2018. I have BSc, HND and DMS all in business academia.

I hold a third Dan For both Ju-Jitsu and Kick Boxing under the old organisation I ran with my brother Jeffrey Bullock called Bushido Martial Arts. To us Bushido exemplified the way of the warrior code which was Jeff’s great idea.

I won the junior and senior British titles in kick boxing at ages 15 and 18.

However, being awarded my Kru Certificate in 2015 with Grand Master Toddy has been the most fulfilling and I shall explain. Jeff and I started kick boxing with Grand Master Toddy (GMT) from 1979 to 1983 in which we trained two or three times per week travelling from Ormskirk to Manchester. After 1983 we would continue to train with GMT but for specific fights and greatly helped by the likes of Master Ronnie Green World Thai Champion whom would guide and develop us as fighters. 

Prior to this period most kick boxing consisted of boxing and then stepping back to create the space to deliver a karate kick. It was often performed on a matted area with no ropes. It was GMT that opened our eyes to the wonderful Thai combinations or the science of eight limbs as its often referred too. No more stepping back to deliver a kick instead we learnt new techniques and worked them from magnificently crafted angles to maximise effect. 

The learning in those short few years back in Manchester in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s was a golden period for me in which I absorbed more information in martial arts than any other period I can recall. And for that; and for the support of my brother and for the collective shared experiences of all the wonderfully talented people during this period I shall remain eternally grateful. That’s why emotionally this certificate means so much!

My Kru Certificates from Grand Master Toddy.
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