World Champ wants to help the bullied!

Russ Williams former British, European and World Kick Boxing Champion is on a mission to help young people whom have been victims of bullying in school or the work place.

Russ like many successful people in sport did not start his martial arts career with the view to becoming a champion but to be able to look after himself on the street.

Russ will be the first to tell you that he is not the biggest in stature but you would be confused to consider him vulnerable because he has a big heart and in which all his assailants whether that be the ring or otherwise will tell you – you make that mistake at your own peril.

Russ’s is a story of Goliath v David and in biblical proportions. It’s a story of success against all odds and how he now works to help people not to become victims of bullying but to stand up for your right to be heard and respected.

Listen to Russ’s story in his own words.

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